About us

When Sustainable Systems was founded in 2009, we had a clear vision to change politically correct glitter into Sustainable Systems.

The people of Sustainable Systems travelled around the world, to cooperate with a network of leaders in multinational industries, farmers, traders, bulk terminals, shippers, governments and customers.

Before signing our first customer contract, Sustainable Systems already had an established practice for vegetable oil co-products and residues, but when we decided to test our theory called "sustainability-driven environmental management system", it opened up the door to new markets.

Today, Sustainable Systems working with companies and partners sharing their vision of a sustainable society. We create the handshake effect between the producer and end user, including all steps in between.

Sustainable Systems has extensive experience in supplier audits, and through its global network, the company has contracted independent and qualified personnel in all parts of the world who can perform the checks in a unique and safe way.

If you claim you are sustainable, we help you deliver on that claim.